Mental Health Awareness

Mental Health is something we, as a family, had no real understanding of 3 years ago. It is now weaved into our very existence.

Is it sad that it is normalised in our world, or is it a blessing that we have a greater understanding of what haunts so many people on a daily basis? I choose to believe it has made us stronger.

This poem was written by my 12 year old, not as a sufferer but as a bystander. We choose strength and understanding

Make Mental Health Awareness Week Mental Health Awareness Way of Life

There are many things wrong with our world today like poverty and lack of good society

But when it comes down to the decision there isn’t much of a variety

Most have to fake who they are just to get approval from others

When truth is they just want acceptance like you and your brothers…

Why is it fair that others suffer ?

Well isn’t it just to make them tougher

That may be what both you and others think

But if you feel that’s the case you may want to take another blink

They can change they world they just need some time

They just need to find themselves then all will me fine

But how am I supposed to believe in myself when all I hear is no?

I’m trying and trying but I just keep going back to my all time low

I want to fit in society but they just won’t let me in

I just forever feel I’m supposed to fake my own grin

I am no different to anyone else:

Look I can believe in my self: I can I will try

But please don’t be mad if I breakdown and cry

I can change the world I just need some time

I just need to find myself then all will be fine ❣️

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