The Dangers of Antidepressants

I am completely lost for words, and that doesn’t happen often.  I have spoken freely about how I felt my daughter needed to be medicated and I see now how uneducated I was on this topic. We live in a pharmaceutical world where we believe a drug, a pill, can cure all ills; the problem is often masked and the side effects are worse than the ailment it seeks to cure.

There is a place for medication, I know that, but when so many teenagers are suffering in the way my daughter does, I am becoming increasingly twitchy about the institutions with whom we put our trust. Let me put it another way: I have learnt to follow my gut instincts, my maternal instincts, like never before; the “professionals” don’t have these primal sensors for our children’s welfare and whilst I believe many of them genuinely do care, they bear no responsibility, none of the true love that we have as parents and loved ones. We know! We feel it! We sense when it’s not working!

The loss of this beautiful child in the following article has touched our family so deeply and we did not even know her; but Lizzie did.  Lizzie feels the pain like a knife in her heart, day after day, minute after minute. It consumes her. Read my blog post “A Fault in our Stars” and you may understand why. And finally I get it. Finally I see I have to push, to question, to take back the responsibility for my gifted daughter for she is not broken, she cannot be fixed.  She can be helped to fit into this world but you cannot mend what isn’t broken. We have to stop trying to mend her and help her fit in before the domino effect takes place.

Losing Rachel – Antidepaware

stay strong x

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