One Saturday…

This morning has been a noisy one: Lizzie has been joyful and happy so far today and that excites everyone, even the dogs it would seem! She hid in her younger sister’s bed and face timed her, challenging her to find her; stunned and instantly excited that her sister wanted to engage with her and play, my youngest flew off to play.

You see, on a typical day, Lizzie now ignores her younger sister. She pushes her away physically and emotionally. With only 3 years between them, angel number 6 & Lizzie were always so close and she struggles to come to terms with why her big sister now doesn’t want to know her. We have explained that it is her illness; that of course she still loves her like she always did and that things will come right again but it’s a tough lesson for a 10 year old.

We are not so excited by this morning’s good mood: don’t get me wrong, we grasp every positive and are learning to truly enjoy these rare, precious moments but behind the temporary relief that normality has resumed, we are also aware that this “high” will be followed by a low. We know she will plummet down again later and the higher the excitement, the further she falls. We shall see what the rest of the day brings….

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