Torn in Two

This weekend was an interesting one for all sorts of reasons. We had two pretty important events scheduled for Saturday: my youngest daughter had her first group session with CHUMs, a fantastic bereavement support service for children and Lizzie was attending a celebration event to mark what would have been the 17th birthday of her… Continue reading Torn in Two

But It’s Not About Me…

I'm feeling pretty damn sorry for myself at the moment. Well, that's not strictly true, and quite a self deprecating statement: I'm feeling desperate, desolate and so afraid. My little girl went back to hospital a day early this weekend. She had self harmed yesterday morning and bravely shared this with me because she feared… Continue reading But It’s Not About Me…

Back to School

With all the lovely "back to school" photos swamping social media at the moment, I have been swept back in time to last September. Despite frequent attempts to return, Lizzie had not attended school full time for almost a year. As a three tier system, she was due to move to upper school. During the… Continue reading Back to School

In Her Own Words

Last week was a difficult one: Lizzie was so low, so suicidal, that she was refused weekend home leave because her risk levels were deemed too high.  This is a major blow to all of us not just because we desperately miss our girl being at home but because having such restrictions in place it… Continue reading In Her Own Words

Eating Disorders

I have always considered myself well informed on eating disorders.  As well as raising 6 children (so made it my business to understand them), I had my own battles with eating disorders in my early twenties.  So I know, for example, that the common perception is that anorexia may often start it's journey as image… Continue reading Eating Disorders